Dagoneye’s Public Keys

This page lists my PGP keys and their fingerprints. You should not take these fingerprints as authoritative; they are here for reference only. If you want to sign my key, ask for the fingerprints in person or via some other secure, authenticated channel. Do this even if you are viewing this page over SSL.

Active Keys

All my keys are available from public keyservers (published via http://keys.gnupg.net).
04B2 09EF 713C EDED 6DEA CBCE 6D0C 35B7 8F7A 69CE
my primary personal PGP key, for matt@blog.dagoneye.it. View on keys.gnupg.net.

All keys are signed with my personal key, and have signed my personal key.

Instructions for manual key importation.

Paste the public key block you find in this file (starting with the line “-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----” and ending with the line “-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----”) into a file on your computer, say:


Then enter the following command:

gpg --import dagoneye.gpg

Save your e-mail message to me in a file, say:


Encrypt the file with the command

gpg -e -a -R xxx@xxx.xxx filename

with xxx@xxx.xxx changed to the appropriate e-mail address below.  The key fingerprint that the program displays should match that given below.  Upon your confirmation the program will generate a file


containing the encrypted message, which can then be e-mailed to me.

dagoneye - Matteo Brunati