A prima vista puo’ sembrare strano ma l’estremo successo di PHP ha destato anche l’interesse di IBM, che a quanto pare vuole far entrare il suo db open source, Cloudscape, in accoppiata col PHP….

Alcune dichiarazioni interessanti:

IBM has made significant investments in Java software and will continue to invest in Java industry standards and its WebSphere-branded line of server software and tools, Smith said. Its commitment to PHP is a way to reach out to more developers, particularly in small and medium-size businesses, he said.

Smith said that the simplicity of PHP is one of its greatest assets. Business analysts without a background in computer science, for example, could create Web pages that pull data from back-end sources, he said.

e questo per chiarire il fronte IBM e Java:

One industry executive who requested not to be named said that IBM’s push into PHP and scripting reflects IBM’s disillusionment with the Java standardization process and the industry’s inability to make Java very easy to use.

“IBM’s been so fed up with Java that they’ve been looking for alternatives for years,” the executive said. “They want people to build applications quickly that tap into IBM back-ends…and with Java, it just isn’t happening.”

For his part, Smith said that Java and PHP can be used for different tasks and said that IBM remains committed to Java.

questo e molto altro qui:

-> IBM backs open-source Web software