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-> Our First “Blogoposium” - Communicating the Ideas behind ‘Web 2.0′

Perhaps more importantly, what does the phrase “Web 2.0″ communicate to the non-technical community?
Does it imply that there will be a “Web 3.0″ or “Web 8.5″ one day? Is this really the best way to articulate the next evolution of web technologies? Is Web 2.0 just “a marketing concept used by venture capitalists and conference promoters to try to call another bubble into existence” as Dave Winer suggests?
The blogoposium will start on Wednesday, September 28th and run through Friday, September 30th
How to Participate
Simply tag your post with blogoposium1…
or Tag Relevant Articles with del.icio.us …
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The first 30 trackbacks will receive a complimentary copy of the advanced uncorrected proof of Seth Godin’s The Big Moo (the book doesn’t come out till October).
Similar to TechCrunch, I’ll foot the bill for shipping for those of you in U.S. or Canada and ask $5 for those outside there.
If you see you are within the first 30, drop me a line with your shipping address. Limit one book per blogger.

Very interesting initiative, isnt’ it? :)

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