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Il tempo e’ tiranno, ma dovete assolutamente leggere questi posts, a mio avviso stupendi…
-> piggybank VS gnowsis - towards a better Semantic Desktop

In this article I am going to point out how the experiences made from piggy-bank and gnowsis could fit together and how all this code could be made compatible towards a better Semantic Desktop, creating a new semantic experience.
First I will point out what inspired this article and some technical details, then I will describe some plans for the future.

-> The power of the URL-line

There is often more value in getting XML out of a web service than in sending XML into a service. In such cases, the human-friendly URL-line offers distinct advantages.

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-> Ontology of Folksonomy: A Mash-up of Apples and Oranges

Ontologies are enabling technology for the Semantic Web. They are a means for people to state what they mean by formal terms used in data that they might generate or consume.
Folksonomies are an emergent phenomenon of the social web. They are created as people associate terms with content that they generate or consume.
Recently the two ideas have been put into opposition, as if they were right and left poles of a political spectrum. This piece is an attempt to shed some cool light on the subject, and to preview some new work that applies the two ideas together to enable an Internet ecology for folksonomies.
-> An address book ontology
Modeling names and addresses. No, not that old debate, the sort that appear in your address book.

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