This post is an open question:

imagine a corporate web site with a portfolio or a case history of business success stories….

Is this the case of application of hCard, or something similar, in RDF?

Using RDF to model some business data, and using Longwell to browse it in a clear way, is it an idea?

Having data as RDF, the data is on our control…
And not vendor-lock…

And it’s possible to use all the RDF compatible stuff on it…
Open data

My short answer: in the next days i’ll make something about it, probably a post…

Some good start points:
-> Using RDF to create a local business review and search network
-> Getting in Touch with XML Contacts
-> Extending FOAF with Resume information
-> Modelling vCards in RDF

Visible Path: it’s very interesting and cool, anyone using it?

work in progress