-> Frederick Giasson: I had a dream for the Semantic Web

Talk Digger is a web application developed by Frédérick Giasson that helps users to find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet.

Talk Digger greatly evolved in 2006. I started being a comparative search engine using the link-back feature of many search engines. Then it evolved in a full-scale meta-search engine reporting web sites linking to another web site. Then it evolved in a search engine of its own: a “conversation search engine“ with feature helping the creation of communities around each conversation.

Talk Digger is also entering in the age of the Semantic Web. All its content is accessible trough ontologies like SIOC, FOAF, DC, GOE, etc. It give the possibility to developers to create software agent that can easily understand Talk Digger’s data and create other services above it.

So, what is the future of Talk Digger? I hope it will be the Semantic Web.

I develop it as a research project and prototype platform where I can implement and test my ideas. I also develop it hoping it is helpful to some Internet users. It is not impossible that the project eventually evolve into an enterprise but right now it is not a priority.

Questo progetto sta assumendo caratteri unici, da vedere…
-> Ping the semantic Web

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