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Following some old thoughts…
-> My personal ideal home network

The LinkSys NAS200 was arrived in these days .)

Linksys NAS200

In the next days, i’ll test it…
With some photos, of course.

Now i’m formatting the two 500GB hard disks ( two Samsung HD501LJ, take a look at Tom’s Hardware List, they are in a nice position )…

-> Review: Linksys NAS200

I have just configured as RAID1 without using the installation procedure, but as Ryan says, using the IP and the HTTP admin interface and NOT the EXE setup program [ having Ubuntu and MacOsX ], so easy .)

Like the NAS200’s packaging, the CDROM was neatly branded. I didn’t have high hopes for running the Setup Wizard, but I did give it the college try. From the command line, I navigated to the CD and typed “wine Setup.exe” and cringed as several error messages appeared in my terminal. I didn’t bother going any further with this. Knowing the NAS200 would be assigned an IP address via DHCP from my router, I launched Firefox and navigated to\. I felt a small measure of relief watching the NAS200’s administrative page load within my browser. This feeling was soon found fleeting as I attempted to log in. The default username and password listed in the manual did not work. A few curses later, I remembered the default login (admin / admin) used by my Linksys router and gave that a try. It worked.

Obviously, my IP is not this one .)
But one thing strange, when i powered it…

Dear Ryan! Thanks for your test! I am looking for a reliable and yet handy NAS. My impression is, that this field ist relatively new and therefore there are many products that are not fully developed.. let’s put it that way. However, the first impression of the LinkSys NAS200 was very good. (Open source firmware, feature set, etc.) There is one thing that kept me busy all night: **After set-up as RAID1(all new, no existing data on any drive, etc.) and formatting the NAS200 starts a rebuild. **See http://members.kabsi.at/losti/screen.JPG for a screenshot. The disc LEDs on the front panel flash alternatly. This makes no sense and can’t be abandoned etc. **There IS no data to rebuild, so why?? **The drives (ST3500630AS) get EXTEMLY hot and it would take a long time for this rebuild to complete (~5 mins per %). No RAID system (e.g. Promise TX2300) used before ever showed such behaviour. Did you experience this rebuild after set-up too or do I have defective unit? Your feedback (or of anyone else) would be highly apprechiated! Andi

I have the same problem as told by this comment, by the way it works fine now…
My disks weren’t so hot, but i don’t understand why rebuild RAID1 if there isn’t nothing to rebuild… Mah…

Anyway, now it works fine…

Main purpose: backup my data without any crap or configuration accross my LAN
With the power of the Net .)
And the scalability of the Moore law in the Disk area… ( changing disks without changing the unit )

Testing with also an idea of RDF storage, maybe .)

Others opinions and impressions on it in the next week

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One image to tell the vision, no time to explain why…

Not completed yet..

But the principle behind this one is the Net itself,

end-to-end logic, where complexity is at the edge, not in the medium :)


![mediacenter](http://static.zooomr.com/images/664516_11dcc2a24e_b.jpg) ](http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/dagoneye/664516/ "Zooomr Photo Sharing :: Photo Sharing")mediacenter Hosted on **Zooomr**

Not agree with the idea behind Microsoft Home Server
Better idea the Lynksys NAS200 [ PDF ], so cool!!
work in progress

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