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Questa notizia merita almeno una segnalazione…

A school in Arizona, US, has thrown out its paper-based text books and is relying solely on laptops and digital material to teach its pupils.

E per quanto riguarda i soldi…

Providing all the pupils with Apple iBooks did not dent the school’s budget as much as might be expected. But part of that is down to the school having been newly built.

The money that was budgeted to buy text books, which was about $500 a student, was spent instead on the laptops.

“Our laptops cost is about $800 per pupil. Our net cost is probably $100 to $200 more than if we had used text books,” he says.

By giving all the students a laptop computer, the school has done away with computer laboratories too.

Sicuramente un’iniziativa da tenere d’occhio, anche se su alcuni punti discutibile…

Ma sicuramente interessante come esperimento…

“Some classes are relying primarily on a service, where you need a password to get to it.
Some classes’ teachers are using electronic text books as a resource - not as a primary tool but as a resource and then a lot of our classes are relying very heavily on simply free material that is available on the internet.”

One of the big advantages to this approach, he says, is that teachers have a lot more opportunity to choose material that is particularly relevant to that subject.

In effetti dare come compiti che so, aggiungere materiale a Wikipedia oppure trovare spunti di discussione dalle discussioni stesse su Wikipedia non sarebbe male,no?

E avere un tutor come nella foto non sarebbe altrettanto male.. :)


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