what is revyu.com?

revyu.com is a web site where you can review and rate things. unlike other reviewing sites on the web, revyu.com lets you review and rate absolutely anything you can name.

Via Danny Ayers


  • open data - API and SPARQL endpoint
  • open creativity - review all you want
  • persistence - based on URI identification probably
  • **some trust level ** - based on FOAF

Why not also use an OpenID authentication?**
It’s in alpha state…

From the paper:

This approach overcomes many of the limitations of conventional reviewing and rating systems on the web, such as: a closed world in terms of what can be reviewed, poor integration with reviews or data from other sources, and the inability to aggregate reviews from known and trusted individuals.

Towards the trust level…

A critical feature of Revyu is the unique identification of reviewers using a hash of their mailbox URI and the FOAF mbox_sha1sum property, thereby allowing those who already know a person’s email address to determine that they wrote the review, whereas others cannot easily do the same.

Wow :)