What about the new Thinkature service, a very cool way to make a sort of collaborations mind maps, a sort of Freemind ones?

And the Zooomr service, based on OpenID authentication?

I have a screenshot with some thoughts about…

Here the image:


](http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/dagoneye/458495/ “Zooomr Photo Sharing :: Photo Sharing”)thinkatureIdeas Hosted on Zooomr

Not enough time to tell any more, but the image speaks itself :)
Thanks Thinkature, Zooomr a lot…
But remember this advice

Your content and data should be yours to manage and do with as you please.
Your images, writing, tags, profile, blog entries, comments, testimonials, video, and music should be yours to download and move anyplace you want.

Also for this very cool love for bloggers
I know the layout is too small for the image, but…
This is an exception…