Ok, questa e’ grossa, manco fosse il primo aprile…
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IMM Introduces Powerful Metadata Framework
Interactive Media Manager introduces a powerful, XML-based metadata model that uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) specifications from the World Wide Web Consortium. This RDF model allows companies to add nuance and intelligence to media management beyond what is possible with traditional metadata. Computers can automatically understand complex relationships between media assets and categories.
Potential benefits of this approach include: improved search relevance, enhanced workflow tracking, and automatic transfer of metadata properties to new assets during transcoding. Most importantly, the IMM RDF model overcomes traditional barriers to metadata sharing between external systems.

Giustamente, son perplesso: e non sono il solo… Anche David non scherza

But to create a production app and to talk about the advantages of RDF and OWL as open standards is impressive.

Mi son perso qualcosa: sembra che alla Microsoft qualcuno usi la testa, senza re-inventare la ruota e gli standard…
Via Henry

Ma allora Astoria ( altre info ), che re-inventa anche RDF? Mah…